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Islam Question and Answer - What is wrong with saying “the will of the people is part of the will of Allaah

What is wrong with saying “the will of the people is part of the will of Allaah”
I read in some books written by thinkers the phrase, “The will of the people is part of the will of Allaah.” I hope you can tell me how correct this saying is.


Praise be to Allaah. 

‘Abd al-Rahmaan al-Doosari (may Allaah have mercy on him) was asked
about this phrase, and he answered as follows:

is a serious fabrication which some theorists and those who implement
their ideas have dared to utter; nothing of this nature was ever spoken
in the kaafir environments
of past centuries. The worst that was said in the past was when they
used the will of Allaah as an excuse, as Allaah tells us (interpretation
of the meaning):

who took partners (in worship) with Allaah will say: ‘If Allaah had
willed, we would not have taken partners (in worship) with Him, nor
would our fathers, and we would not have forbidden anything (against
His Will).’”

6:148]. Allaah showed
them to be liars, but these philosophers attribute to the so-called
people the will to do whatever they want, in order to justify the plans
which they want to carry out. We must confront this evil lie in order
to prove that it and the motives of those who say this are false, because
on the basis of their corrupt idea the people will be allowed to do
whatever they want and conduct their affairs in such a way that there
will be no restrictions laid down by the sharee’ah and the Book, only
those that suit their whims and desires, or are based on their materialistic
interests and physical desires, or their power – like the kaafir peoples
who do not follow the religion of Allaah and do not care about morality
or virtue.

even Abu Jahl and his ilk, as evil and stubborn as he was, dared to
utter this lie, because the abhorrence of this lie is obvious to anyone
who has common sense. People’s tastes and inclinations vary, so if the
will of the people is regarded as being part of the will of Allaah,
this would mean that all kinds of trends such as existentialism, communism,
nazism, zionism, the law of the jungle and others are also part of the
will of Allaah that He enjoins upon people. Then all the things that
evil souls desire and sick hearts love, such as promiscuity, immorality,
drinking alcohol and fulfilling physical desires at the expense of others
would also be a part of the will of Allaah.

why do they criticize and condemn others for it, if the will and desires
of the people are part of the will of Allaah concerning the rulings
that He likes? Why would Allaah send Messengers and reveal Books, and
enjoin jihaad, and issue commands and prohibitions to the people, if
their will is part of His will that He likes?

This is impossible;
it is the ultimate immorality and misguidance.  Those who make
this claim do not apply it to themselves, rather they use it as permission
to suppress the people who do not submit to their power or act according
to their plans.

is as if the people whom they are ruling with an iron fist are the people
whose will is divine and is part of the will of Allaah.

is inevitably self-contradictory, and points out its own false nature.
This is an action of major shirk, because they have made the people
rivals to Allaah, and they have made their desires rivals to His sharee’ah
and wisdom, instead of subject to Allaah’s rulings and adhering to His
limits, content with and implementing His sharee’ah.


Al-Ajwibah al-Mufeedah li Muhimmaat al-‘Aqeedah, p. 77-78

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