Thursday, 11 August 2011

He is worried about the corruption that his child may be exposed to in secondary school (high school)


I have a son who is ten years old, and he is supposed to go to secondary school, but the school system is affected by many kinds of corruption. Is it better for him to study at home (homeschooling), even though the level of teaching may not be high, or should I let him go to the secondary school and be exposed to corruption?.

Praise be to Allaah.

What is mentioned in the question is a very real dilemma,
the matter of protecting children’s hearts and minds against the ideas,
beliefs and theories they will encounter in  the school curriculum that
are  contrary to the basic principles of Islam. Protecting the children’s
morals, attitudes and behaviour, despite what they are exposed to in mixed
schools that is contrary to all of that, is a dilemma; it is the dilemma
of confronting specious arguments and whims and desires at the same time.
What seems to be the case here is that it is the father’s duty to choose
for his son the best school and the one that is farthest removed from
these corruptions. If it is difficult to find something purely good in one
place, then he should look for something that is most good and less
harmful and evil. 

What you have to do for your son is to choose an Islamic
school for him that is not mixed, even if that costs more in school fees or
involves greater effort in moving house to find the school. Indeed, we
advise you, if there is no such school in the city where you live, to move
the family to another location where you will be able to find a suitable
Islamic school for your children, if that is possible for you, even if it
involves some hardship for you. 

If that is not possible, then you can replace these school
with education at home (homeschooling), even if the standard of education is
slightly lower. So go ahead with that, and give precedence to protecting
your children’s religious commitment and morals over everything else. 

If you are not able to do that, and you have no choice but to
put your son in these schools, then you will have the burden of following up
on your son, watching out for him, and resisting the causes of corruption
that he will encounter. 

If you are saved from it, you will have been saved from
something major.  

But we think that it is very difficult to make this choice
and continue doing it as it should be done. Hence the options mentioned
above may be more realistic and logical. 

See also the answer to question no.

We ask Allah to guide you and help you to shoulder this

And Allah knows best.

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