Thursday, 14 June 2012

The tradition of Hari Raya (Idul Fitri) in Indonesia

One Tradition, that is the tradition in the languagerequested lumrahnya THR or Holiday Allowance. In material things, "our hand should be on top rather than under" and when asked ma, we should first ask maav. in the sense that we should LBH many of the requested shodaqoh shodaqoh. please understand myself! tp ane sometimes forgotten with them. ane even jga often ky gtu. we yuk fox paradigm for the better so we LBH many shodaqoh. Better is "our hands are under the time we ask for forgiveness"

Two Traditions, namely the tradition of his home town or often called "Mudik". Mudik tradition only in Indonesia and only Muslim Indonesia. and that's one thing we must keep the tradition going home with a note made to stay in touch and strengthen ikhuwah Islamiyah. tradition should not be going home or return home to show off or style tradition so that it appears the nature of "showing off". because most, with a tradition of going home to make someone glorify oneself

Three Traditions, namely the tradition of "Send Greeting Card" or the Sundanese language is called "send Lebaran card." already entrenched when we say "HAPPY Iedul Fitri" before the date of first Syawal. Shaum not finished, not finishedRamadan koq Iedul we've said good-Fitr. Let us first finish shaum, spent the first month of Ramadhan, Takbiran first, first Eid prayers, then we say Happy Eid and auditory Iedul "Minna TAQOBBALALLOHU MINKUM SHIYAMANA WA WA SHIYAMAKUM" and will feel the beauty of victory after the fasting month

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