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Throughout the ages, there have been various upsurges from time to time of the apparently endless war between the religious factions of the world. Some of those upsurges have been more physical and bloody and fatal than others. And some of those upsurges have been more on the intellectual front. Yet even the upsurges of the intellectual design sadly lead towards an uncontrollable spiraling of flaming reaction of defensivevengeance that oft times results in loss or damage of property and/or life.

Such is the evidential scene we observe in today's environment of a wide-ranged Muslim reaction towards the most recent attacks of insulting caricatures of our beloved prophet Mohammed(SAAW), publicized in some European papers. Rather than putting down the Muslims, these insults have come to bring together the various differing factions of Muslims all within the wider fold of Islam. Recognizing our differences, we have come to overlook those differences, and join hands in defending the honor of our beloved prophet Mohammed(SAAW), and the truth of the message he was endowed to spread to mankind. It is a time of heightened awareness among the Muslims themselves of the importance of the message of Islam.

Pictures have appeared in many international newspapers as well as on many satellite T.V. stations broadcasting not only mass demonstrations by Muslims in opposition to the publications of the caricatures-but sadly as well various other more violent reactions such as destructions of vehicles and/or public buildings in relation to or of importance to those somehow related to those guilty of the publications.

We as Muslims must stop to look into ourselves and our religion with some serious investigative introspect. And although we all know that our beloved prophet(SAAW) did indeed lead his companions into battle at times, we must also realize the reason for and behind those very battles. Even in time of battle, there were strict rules in place, according to the dictates of Islam, which rendered the highest and utmost respect to human life and rights. Not true with what is witnessed today.

We need to examine the life and practices of our beloved prophet(SAAW0, to better understand his manners in dealing in nearly any situation. And from that knowledge of his(SAAW) excellent and upright behavior, we can then and perhaps only then, deduce what he himself (SAAW) would do (or perhaps approve of doing) when faced with some similar situation as what we are facing today.

Those brave and unknowing souls who are falsely accusing that Islam was spread by the sword and other similar methods of death, destruction, and hateful danger, are finding retaliation of such similar destruction as the angry defensive vengeance-response from various Muslims. Granted, those response are a marginally small percentage in relation to the world's Muslim populace today. But because of the nature of the response (violent) and the expectation of the accusers, it is a most widely heard and recognized response.

To those opting or even in support of such measures of violent defensive vengeful reaction to the insults waged against our beloved prophet(SAAW) and divine religion-I ask-what message does that really send to the on-looking world?! Can it be said, by acts of unnecessary violence, that Islam does not promote nor teach violence?

Indeed, a common underlying factor for mankind of all the ages and every walk and belief-is that imitation is the utmost compliment and truest showing of one's love and care for something or someone.

If you Muslims the world round truly love and respect Mohammed(SAAW), then the best way to prove that love is to imitate his(SAAW) truly excellent and unprecedented example. He(SAAW0 spread the important divine message of Islam to the world by the highest example of patience, love, and kindness towards his fellow man. Never becoming weak nor wavering in his bold yet simple speech in the face of adversity and opposition, while ever so gently striking a safe balance all the time. Strong, yet not offensive and insulting. And in particular, not unnecessarily violent. The violent and deadly battles were reserved only for those occasions of dire necessity.

The current trend of violent reaction in supposed defense of Islam and our beloved prophet Mohammed(SAAW), escalating only in yet more violence from each opposing side, is reminiscent to me of the typical school bully scene and mentality. We have on the one side a group of people opting to insult Islam and the beloved prophet Mohammed(SAAW) with slanderous caricatures and accompanying dialogue or captions. Then on the defensive side are not only those who have opposed such childish insulting behavior by various methods of public condemnation and boycotts, but we also sadly have the various factions taking to more physical and invasively violent measures such as bombings or raids and attacks upon people and things of even the most remote connection to those responsible for the insults.

My dear Muslim brethren, it is in fact the group of the latter description which not only distorts the true message of Islam worldwide and hence makes the non-Muslims automatically on the defense against anything in relation to Islam and Muslims, but it is also the spiraling generator for the bully to react in even more vicious manner.

O Muslims! Come together at this most important time in the history of mankind and defend our esteemed religion and prophet with the best possible manner of defense-that is which is defined within the realms of the teachings of Islam. Beware of taking steps of outward and unnecessary violence as a response to the verbal and written attacks. This type of action only serves as a detriment to the image of Islam and Muslims worldwide, and a re-enforcement of the misconceptions held by so many against Islam.

Oppose those who opt to insult Islam and Muslims with something which is better than violence. Extinguish the fire with water, not with fire. And fight ignorance with knowledge, shedding a light on the darkness.


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